Judges ignoring SC directives, law

Judges in lower courts do not follow the applicable laws as well as Supreme Court directives while issuing orders regarding remand prayer, as the High Court has observed.

The report said that the magistrates weren't functioning as they should and it was contrary to justice in the criminal system and fair investigations.

Remanding suspects in cases where they are not required wastes court funds and also time. the report stated, noting that courts must be more cautious.

The court made these remarks in a letter to magistrates who placed the model Mariam Akhter Mou in Remand for nine days during three stages in an narcotics matter.

"Taking into consideration the seriousness and the seriousness of the crime We do not believe that there was a reason to remand the accused in three stages over 9 weeks. The magistrates aren't operating as they usually areas they normally do. They're not following the guidelines or directions of our supreme court or the law that governs the remand process. This is against the principles of fair and just investigation in criminal cases.

"Pursuant to that, unnecessary remand is wasting tax payers' money as well as judicial time," the HC bench consisting of Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam and Justice KM Zahid Sarwar Kajol stated in the entire text of the decision that on September 22 gave an interim bail period of 1 year for Mou.

To reduce the impact of the impact of crime on society, courts must be extra vigilant and ensure that women have the chance to stay clear of criminality instead of becoming a regular criminal by interfacing with the most seasoned criminals in jail. check out the entire text that was that was released in the last few days.

The HC has imposed conditions on Mou when she was granted bail in the matter, stating that the petitioner accused (Mou) should not be able to be involved in dealing or possessing in yaba or foreign liquor.

She should be available for the investigation whenever necessary, and during the course or trial she is not allowed to alter the evidence of the prosecution by threatening witnesses the HC stated.

The HC judges also ordered that the the accused Mou must be a co-operative witness during the trial with a full heart without seeking an adjournment, and she is not allowed to engage in any illegal activity following her release on bail.

Any breach of any of the conditions can be grounds for cancellation of bail, the entire text states.

On August 1, police arrested Mou of her Mohammadpur residence and took the yaba pills of 750 and 12 bottles foreign alcohol that were found the house.

On August 2 the Metropolitan Magistrate Ashek Imam placed her on an indefinite remand of three days. On August 6 the Metropolitan Magistrate Satyabrata Sikder placed her on an indefinite remand for 4 days And on the 10th of August, Metropolitan Magistrate Sufiyan Md Noman put her on a two-day remand for the case brought against her in the Mohammadpur Police Station.

On September 2nd On September 2, HC bench demanded explanations from two metropolitan magistrates, Debbrata Biswas and AtikulIslam who placed the actress Pori Moni on remand during multiple phases of the case of narcotics.

The bench on the 15th of September expressed its displeasure with their explanations, and said it believed that Debbrata Biswas and AtikulIslam were the ones who "undermined" the HC. The bench on 29 September ordered metropolitan magistrates explain their reasoning by the 24th of October.

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